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Exceptional programs designed specifically for your unique needs.

Our programs use a combination of assessment, workshops and hands-on coaching, tailored specifically to your needs as the client.  Your needs can be as small as a half-day conference seminar, or a comprehensive ongoing program working with a specific project team that can last twelve to eighteen months.

Strategic Charter and Planning - Leaders and their teams need to understand how to take the company vision and create a team charter that will drive future performance in line with overall direction. From setting team vision, mission and values; to crafting strategies that will deliver vastly improved results; we facilitate multi-day strategy seminars, to enable your teams to build a strong foundation and rapidly increase their effectiveness.

Leadership Development & Change - Using a personal leadership model, our programs allow individuals to uncover their own leadership style and learn how to utilize their strengths to maximize team cohesion and generate exceptional results. Leading others through change as well as navigating change of which you are a recipient, are key components in providing leadership excellence.

Working Together for Results!  is our comprehensive program to turn your team from good to great.  It begins with an assessment of four core areas; Organizational Focus, Individual Investment, Team Service and Process Management. Based on our assessment, your comprehensive team program is created which consists of in-house training, consulting and coaching integrated into your operations to maximize your teamís results.

Individual Workshops - We can provide any individual workshop as an ad-hoc service to your team. Popular requests are Presentation Skills, Team Planning & Performance, Team Building, as well as assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs and Personality Dimensions.

Process Consulting -  Do you find your different departments act as separate silos rather than as one cohesive team? We can help you put a process in place thatís fair and gets the job done.

Supply Chain Consulting -  Our practitioners have many years experience implementing best practices as well as software applications in the supply chain arena. We can manage and resource your next project.

Conference Seminars - Whether for your staff, clients or partners, consider using our services to provide an added incentive to attend your next conference or internal event.


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