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Abray Learning provides expertise in facilitation, consulting, training and coaching.

We have over fifteen years experience working with business groups in North America. We deliver a blend of technical & business knowledge, combined with soft skills techniques, making us unique within the market space.

Our services are designed to substantially increase your teamís productivity through three key areas:

Strategic Planning: Focusing your organization on both corporate and team strategic objectives. Creating a clear vision and mission for the team with appropriate values and operating practices to deliver success. Crafting strategies that will drive results.

Leadership Development & Change Management: Building authentic transformational leadership. Investing in individuals to build from their strengths and target their own personal areas for growth; & team building to foster communication and collaboration to manage change in an efficient and effective manner.

Performance Improvement: Facilitating the development of processes that can adapt to your changing needs to drive performance.

Our consulting and training services are focused to tackle each of these areas in turn, bringing our services into the daily operations of your organization, thereby ensuring maximum uptake of the initiatives employed, while at the same time minimizing impact to your ongoing activities.

Our programs use a combination of facilitated strategy sessions, workshops, assessment, and hands-on coaching utilizing both tools that are already widely available as well as our own unique methodologies.  Each intervention is tailored specifically to your needs as the client, utilizing examples and exercises that clearly resonate with your team; providing each participant with the tools they need to deliver effective & efficient results now.



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